How to socialize yourself at a time when you are yourself

That's why you're sitting at lunch. A tuna sandwich in my hand, a Tupperware salad, you even remembered to bring some apple juice. But you don't like it. After you finish your lunch, you have to sit alone for 40 minutes. Perhaps your school is similar

Nevertheless, different groups are human nature, which is part of one of them. The Greek philosopher Plato believes that healthy groups are necessary for human happiness. Although time in one form of communication has changed, the person's interaction remains important

That's why this article will try to convince cramped students to get out of their skins by using a variety of methods. Pull out the pen and paper and let it start

Being a stickup is not a requirement for passing drama with a good class. The "drama" class usually has a lot of personalities in its students. On the basis of experience, there will be energetic and quirky cram kids, complex style performers, as well as the mute person who holds themselves. This method of socialization works by 100% of the time, since group work and cohesion are necessary for assignments. The days of rehearsals and chats with the same people will pave the way for similar and other people. The unborn laughter may sound frightening at the beginning, but at the end of the day the fear will look

This is recommended for classes that seem more difficult than others. As a result, the end result will provide better estimates, as well as stronger social skills. To get help in something, you seem to be close, modest and attractive. A student who helps can even feel that they were chosen. Build it. As a result, someone felt positively not only about himself, but also of the person who approached them. Friendship is not a gift, but communication with various people will make it easier to create a circle of friends

The social clubs love a certain internet rule. If it does exist, there's a club for him. The beauty of clubs is that you don't need to change your interests or individuality at all. In fact, they have to express them. The meeting with like-minded people enables the society of angry people. Members of the club know that they are not alone, and that is so comforts. Depending on what the club is, it can be used for support, use, charity, research workers, etc. Every day at the club is almost guaranteed, and it will provide ample opportunity to talk to people who have the same interests

The last method is slightly toxic. He wants the students to be embarrassed to be sure that he's actually taking a bucket of confidence to pull it off. In some cases, there may be a fragmentation that cannot be ignored or a group of like-minded people who can be perfect. To just talk to someone about anything, it's better to just do it. Notice everything else: movies, art, what you have. Just don't think about what you're doing too well, or it could make you extremely nervous. Society likes people with confidence. These are our teachers, our bosses, our leaders. Men and women we seek.  Attempting to do so in any step of the life cycle will give you the results, putting you in a solid position of social hierarchy

Voluntary assistance is not only in terms of social skills, but also a good look at the resumption of work and a university application. It's better than volunteering that you have a passion for something. Churches, homeless shelter, kindergarten, anything to help. Scholarships are actively identified on the basis of good estimates and more average hours of volunteering, another reason to participate in as many opportunities as possible. The positive atmosphere facilitates interaction with colleagues, so you are not nervous. You can be as open and friendly as you like. Because at the end of the day, all the people involved tend to make the same charitable act to improve their community

From a former buried boy, all these methods have improved my social life to one degree or another. It made me do it to humanize the strangers. I hope you found the same success. This article is not intended to make someone popular, but to make someone's content in social life. It only takes a small intestine. Go out and socialize

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Brinton Gould is a published author, winning third place in the "Turning Points Esay" contest. He'll be at Laurel University